Extended Readings
Accurate and Reliable Astrological Analyses.

Once you have placed your order, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.  Furthermore, I invite you to contact me to let me know your needs and availability, to introduce yourself, or to ask any questions.

Please be prepared to supply:

* Your birth date.

* Your birth location.

* Your best guess at a birth time, if you know it.

All consultations are recorded and made available for you to download. Please contact me if you have any questions or need a service not listed on any of these pages.

Stephen gave me a completely new perspective on what Astrology can be. He delivers very specific and precious information.
Alessandro, Spain
Extended Chart Reading:
This 120-minute live consultation includes everything in the Basic Chart Reading, plus one of the topics from the list below:
* Marriage & Family
* Health & Vitality
* Money & Livelihood.
* Karma & Past Lives.
* Other topics (lawsuits, journeys, etc.)

This is a 120-minute live consultation. Synastry is the art of comparing multiple charts to assess how the individuals who own the charts will get along. Compare marriage and dating prospects, family members, and employees. Please be prepared to supply the birth date, birth location and birth time for all parties in this comparison analysis.

Annual & Monthly Forecasting (1 year):
A 120-minute live consultation. Discover the major themes and events of the next twelve months. Includes a calendar of important dates and periods when the “meaning” or main themes of the year will manifest, and also includes monthly forecasting.

Complex Beginnings:
A 120-minute live consultation for choosing the most fortunate hour to undertake any important enterprise, such as a marriage or a pilgrimage or a business debut, etc. Together we will craft the perfect birth chart for anything you wish to realize. This in-depth analysis will envision your project from the beginning to its end, and will reveal important challenges to the matter you wish to begin as well as vital strengths the beginning will have that can be tapped and exploited. Entrepreneurs can receive powerful insights into customer personas, branding elements and value propositions. Those who are betrothed can empower their marriage to withstand duress and to flower in joy and prosperity.