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Thank you for visiting Fated Crossings. I have carefully chosen the hour and minute for this website and blog page to be born, and that time is right now.

This blog will serve as a catch-all for my observations, notes, and opinions on the art of modern horoscopy and occultism, and at times it will function as a personal journal, as an online magazine, and as a digital encyclopedia of esoteric knowledge that does not restrain itself to just astrology. My interests run from astrology to tarot to numerology to the kabbalah to Buddhism to music and on and on.

I make my living primarily doing birth chart readings, although often folks will want a horary reading or an election or a tarot reading, etc. So birth chart astrology will figure prominently among the subjects that I write about here, and you can expect to encounter lots of articles on the ins and outs of practical horoscopy, with a focus on prediction. Yes, prediction. An otherwise nasty little word in astrological circles, ironically enough. Some astrologers contend that life is fated and thus predictable, while others argue that we are free and therefore astrology cannot predict what will happen. My position is somewhere in the middle; I find the idea that someone can be an independent causal agent in the universe to be patently absurd, but at the same time the notion that we are passive automata bandied about by spirits is not helpful, and in fact is wrongheaded. To my thinking we are both free and fated, each in his own proportion according to his awareness. Regularly reliable, accurate, detailed astrological prediction is possible, but…is it advisable? This blog will attempt to hash that question out, as it is one that I am perennially dealing with in my experience as a counseling astrologer. There is the unsettling idea that if, having seen a nasty future, the astrologer does not intervene on a negative unfoldment of Fate then that astrologer should share in the result of what has happened to the person whose wellbeing he is responsible for.

Horary astrology is another huge interest of mine, and I do a lot of horary readings–though not as many as birth chart readings. What I love about horary is that it’s like a tarot spread in its divinatory, oracular approach to questions. What I also love about horary is its natural affinity for and connection to another branch of astrology, Elections–the art of retro-engineering a birth chart based on the perfect time for something to be born–any enterprise, of course, but most especially some project that your birth chart has already promised in advance. The act of asking an astrological question is tightly linked to the act of beginning something new and important. We are moved by the same impulse in both instances, and this fact mystifies and fascinates me. I intend to write a lot about it.

Mundane astrology–the branch of the art which deals with the character and fate of groups instead of individuals–is another source of endless awe and curiosity, and it gives us rational methods to dissect and understand what is otherwise irrational. Emotional peace is a byproduct of this process. Studying the future of nations and other collectives helps us preserve our own serene objectivity in a world full of propaganda and zealotry. What really stimulates me, however, is not just mundane astrology’s ability to forecast the future, but also its remarkable ability to organize history in a sensible way, an organization of history that is in fact based upon nature instead of upon the arbitrary mileposts of historians. I would love it if my humble blog could do its part to argue for the validity of astrology as a unique new mode of historical exegesis.

The astrology of creativity is another area ripe for exploring. I am a lover of language and literature and the art of the judgment of the stars can be employed as both a device of artistic criticism as well as one of creation. Every horoscope can be viewed as a narrative, complete with its own rhetoric and peculiar little modes of persuasion.

Criminology and pathology also command my attention. I’m generally a positive guy–not at all a David Downer–and in fact am just the sort of peskily perky Gemini rising that probably would get on everybody’s nerves in the long run. My Jupiter-trine-Sun makes me an irrepressible optimist. But…I’m really curious about the astrology of stuff going wrong, of diseases, of death, of criminality and perversion and aberrance, of plane and train crashes. As I make my study of the astrology of crime and disaster and disease, I always ask myself–how could occultism help here? Would a session with a competent astrologer have made any difference in the outcome of this or that catastrophe? What if the criminal could have consulted with the right astrologer before embarking on her or his life of crime? What could an astrologer say to a criminal, based upon her chart, that might have helped?

I feel blessed to be able to share my love of metaphysics with all of you, and I am pleased that you are here.

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