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In honor of Saturn recently turning direct I would like to discuss two of my favorite Saturnesque topics—meditation and skin.

The immovability of Saturn, its stillness, makes it a match for meditation practice. You can make the case that one can meditate while doing anything, that life itself is a species of meditation, and I would agree wholeheartedly. Nevertheless, most forms of trance require you to be still as a stone. In some forms of meditation, you assume a certain position which is frozen into place while you explore the unused lobes of your mind. This freezing of a position is likewise Saturnian.

Its association with skin is more well-known. Most astrology aficionados would agree that Saturn rules integuments and coverings of all kinds.

So, by all means let us talk about meditation and skin, and as if that were not enough let us throw in another of my favorite topics, that of the four elements of Nature. They all combine in the art of pore-breathing, the subject of today’s post.

In the art of pore-breathing you assume what’s called an “asana” position. Asana is a word borrowed from Sanskrit and yoga. Hermetic magicians use their asana position to not only explore the unused lobes of their minds but to also execute magical operations. You have to experiment to find the perfect asana posture. It’s a unique, customized setting. For some people, sitting lotus-style on the floor is the default setting for spiritual work. For others, standing on one leg is the favored position. Many people simply sit in a chair, which is fine. Once you have taken up your meditation posture, you then “breathe” this or that element through the pores of your skin. You extract the element out of the local ambient using a network of Kabbalistic correspondences, such as colors and certain letters or numbers, all to aid the psyche as it begins to pull the element into the body. If you feel you have a lack of fire, you can pull it into your body through your pores to redress the imbalance, and you can do the same with the other elements, too. It is even possible to wring from the fabric of reality an all-powerful etheric fluid, the fifth element, the akasa, and breathe that into your pores.

Advanced voyagers can accumulate any element in specific organs or regions of the body, and can even concentrate these occult unseen builders of reality, the elements, within the organs and bodily regions of other people.

Such a focused meditation can be used to iron out wrinkles in the personality, can become a potent tool of self-improvement, because just as you can breathe the elements into your body through your pores you can also breathe them out the same way. We all have inglorious peccadilloes in our past, little sins and customary wickednesses. Each of these is a derelict version of some one of the four elements. Arrogance is a sin of fire, irresponsible spending a sin of earth, and so on. Whatever your defects of character tend to be, and we all have them due to surpluses or deficits of this or that element in our personality makeup, you can expel them through your pores in elemental form.

the elements

The Elements of Nature

It helps to list your sins and virtues, assigning each to some one of the elements. Nobody else should view these lists, as they are obviously very personal. You’re putting everything in there, much of which you likely will not be proud of. Still, it’s important to list it and to assign it to an element. These lists will be your positive and negative mirrors of the soul. You can use this information to guide your pore-breathing. If you notice an abundance of personality defects centered around too much of the Fire element, for instance, you can either focus on pore-breathing the Fire element out of your body, or pore-breathing the related elemental antidote (Water, perhaps) into your body. The idea is that your black and white mirrors of the soul are guiding the process.

With that said, balance becomes important. Everybody has a unique and natural balance of the elements in his or her body, and in the beginning at least it is important not to disturb this balance too much. Consequently, if you pore-breathe an element into your body, it is a good idea (at least in the beginning) to pore-breathe most of that same element out of your body at the end of the session or at some time in the near future.

Similarly, it is advisable not to concentrate any element in either the heart muscle or the brain tissue. Certain elements are okay to accumulate in these organs and certain elements are not. For this reason, I advise you not to localize any of the elements in either the chest or the cranial cavities.

It should be clear that this practice requires an active imagination. You should not be bothered that all the action takes place imaginatively. Imagination is the heart and soul of magic, and anything material must be formed first of all in something’s imagination before it is born. Thus, the imagination is central to the art of manifesting anything, a vital link in the chain of causation.

To that end, when you pore-breath the elements you should envision the Fire element as a bright red. The Air element can be either yellow or light blue. The Water element is dark blue. And the Earth element can be either dark green, brown, or black. The akasa–the etheric fluid–is purple.

Happy meditating!

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